Inyange Industries prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality, wholesome products and responding to consumer needs with nutritious and innovative new products.


Inyange offers Fresh Milk, which is delivered daily, from surrounding farms. It is first tested for quality and freshness before it enters the production line, where it will be homogenized and pasteurized before being packed into Inyange final products, thus delivering quality and great taste.Inyange produces the following milk and milk products:

Pasteurised and homogenised whole Milk: 2lrs, 3ltrs & 5ltrs

UHT Milk: 500 & 1000ml
Fresh Cream: 500 ml
Yogurt: 130, 250 & 400ml. Inyange Yogurt flavors: plain, apricot, vanilla, banana, strawberry and pineapple.

  • Water

Inyange offers Mineral Water, coming from the natural spring of Gasabo, located at the foothills of the breathtakingly beautiful mountains in the country of a Thousand Hills: Rwanda; where Mother Nature will have filtered out the impurities and added healthy and nutritious minerals. Inyange Mineral water is packaged in bottles of: 500ml, 1l, 18L Gallons

Replenish your body with the purity of Inyange Mineral water from the natural springs of Gasabo, located on the foothills of the breathtakingly beautiful mountains in the country of a thousand hills Rwanda, where the water is purified by Mother nature.

  • Nectars and Juice Drinks

For those looking to quench their thirst in the most refreshing way possible Inyange offers conveniently bottled fruit drinks and nectars, offering all year round availability, quality and most important great taste. Inyange currently produces the following fruit drinks and nectars: apple, mango, orange, pineapple and passion fruit. Inyange Fruit juices are packaged in 500ml bottles. Inyange has also introduced conveniently packed long life fruit juices, offering all year round availability, quality and most important great taste. These are packed in1 litre Tetrapak cartons, using an aseptic filling process. These juices are available in the following flavors: orange, pineapple, passion fruit, Mango and apple. Inyange also intends, as it expands its production capacity, to expand its product line by introducing new products: ice-cream, butter and ghee, tapping into a virgin or underserved market.


introduced the eco-friendly UHT Whole Milk Tetra Fino 500ml pack (350 RWF)

By the end of May, the UHT Low Fat Milk Tetra Fino 500ml pack (350 RWF) will be on the shelves as well. The Tetra Fino 500ml milk pack provides a wide range of advantages for its consumers. It contains UHT milk which has a shelf life of up to four months until opened. Its flexible design makes it a perfect on-the-go product that can easily be carried around in a child’s school bag or even an office bag for working adults. Inyange has recently signed on new distributors with the necessary capabilities to develop the market and work in harmony to satisfy their customers. Mr. Sudadi Kayitana, Inyange’s Managing Director says, “The benefit is that consumers will be able to buy homogenized and pasteurized milk at much lower prices which provides a healthy alternative to buying unprocessed milk (amasukano). Our objective is to give all Rwandans a healthy, fresh tasting, READY TO DRINK product.”


Revolutionary Milk Dispenser

Inyange Industries, Rwanda’s premier Food & Beverage Company, is proud to announce the Launching Ceremony for its newly acquired Milk Dispensers which will take place at Kisimenti on Thursday, 31stMay 2012, commencing at 12 o’clock noon. Mr. Hategeka Emmanuel, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MINICOM), will be the Guest of Honor and give brief remarks. The launching ceremony will be preceded by promotional Road Shows with giveaway prizes and milk tasting stations in the surrounding areas of Giporoso, Remera and Kimironko.

According to Inyange officials, the acquisition and implementation of the Milk Dispensers was in direct response to consumer’s demands to make their pasteurized milk products more accessible and affordable to every Rwandan. These new automated vending machines are the first of its kind to penetrate the Rwandan marketplace and are strategically located at: City Plaza (Quartier Mateus), Kigali City Market, and Kisimenti (Ndoli’s Supermarket). At the 100 RWF price point, Inyange has answered the call, enabling consumers to simply insert coins, purchase their desired quantity of cold, pasteurized milk, and carry it away using their own containers. Some of the distributors have gone a step further by providing disposable cups at their customer’s convenience, making Inyange’s dispensed milk an instant drink and the perfect meal companion.