At Inyange, we value our customers. As such we have established a wide, independent and fully operational distribution system to ensure that you are able to get your juice or water at any shop near you. Our distribution system is a network of highly professional men and women, armed with the latest logistical equipment and a hardworking support staff to ensure that you’re favorite retailer is always fully stocked on all your favorite Inyange goodies.


Ali DISTRIBUTOR Nyarugenge

Located in the bustling central business district of Kigali, in the brand new CHIC complex, Ali’s Inyange depot is equipped with all the amenities to satisfy your every need. Pay him a visit, and you will get any quantity of any Inyange product that you may require. You can literally see it in front of you from the DHL head office!!

  • Telephone: 0788780805
  • Address: Kigali District, CHIC Building

Majyambere DISTRIBUTOR Kicukiro

Located in the lively residential neighborhood of gikondo, Majyambere’s depot is strategically located to ensure that all the grocery shops in the Nyarugenge are constantly packed with fresh Inyange beverages.

  • Telephone: 0785910807
  • Address: Gikondo



Byagatonda DISTRIBUTOR Gasabo

Situated in the fast growing residential neighborhood of Kimironko, easy distributors is the perfect spot to stock up on some Inyange goodies for your gusaba or wedding functions over the weekend. Wherever you are in the Gasabo district, easy distributors is the place to go.

  • Telephone: 0788358664
  • Address: Gasabo District, Kimirongo near the market